• Desking decisions based solely off a FICO score cause daily missed opportunities.
  • LIBRA “intelligently” reads a customer’s credit profile and delivers highly predictable analytics with dynamic tool that allows the dealer to structure the most profitable deal within APR and advance guidelines.
  • Significant increase in PVR dollars with ability to identify and close additional deals that are often misidentified as “not our customer.”
  • Digital, interactive credit application process quickly and efficiently gathers complete information and all needed steps to allow for fast, easy funding.
  • Putting the customer in the wrong deal structure that does not meet lender guidelines results in unwinds and recontracts.
  • While FICO score is one factor, numerous other factors (LTV, DTI, PTI, credit history, etc.) come into play in determining whether a deal will get funding approved. LIBRA allows the dealer to avoid the guesswork by properly structuring the deal from the get-go.
  • Car buyers today expect a simpler, quicker process. LIBRA system offers dealers an alternative to “old-school” negotiation processes. Customer experience is enhanced by a digitized credit application process and the ability to quickly present an accurate deal structure that works for both dealer and customer.
  • Regardless of credit education training, management expertise or management churn, LIBRA provides consistency throughout the work-flow.
  • FICO score is just one of several factors that determine whether a customer will qualify for credit. But ask yourself: Does every 640 FICO score customer leave your dealership with the same contracted rate? Will your elderly 640 customer with a discharged bankruptcy and a negative equity trade-in receive the same approvals as your young 640 first-time buyer? If not, do your current processes allow you to justify these variances?
  • Most recommended compliance programs rely on the dealer to uniformly implement a rate matrix based solely on FICO scores. However, a rate matrix is largely ineffective and can provide little protection against discriminatory lending claims without considering deal-specific factors such as LTV, DTI, and PTI, or adjusting for customer-specific factors such as first-time buyers, bankruptcies, or positive trade lines.
  • With LIBRA, dealers replace a manager’s subject assignment of APR with a consistent, non-discriminatory process.
  • Protection from claims of discrepancies sent to the lender.
  • Details the original submission and subsequent changes.
  • Comply with privacy and safeguard laws by going paperless with sensitive customer information.
  • Permission-based logins limit access only to employees with proper authority.
  • From delivering Risk Based Pricing Notices (RBPN) and Adverse Action Notices to complying with Red Flags, LIBRA helps dealers manage critical steps so that you can be certain every deal is fully compliant with your policies and procedures.

Words From Our Clients

LIBRA has been fundamental in the growth of our department. We have expedited deal times, delivered more subprime business and  maximized profit.  The thorough applications collected through LIBRA have also helped accelerate our funding and run cleaner CITs. LIBRA gives me additional confidence in my staff to spot deliver more deals when I am not in the store, knowing as long as they use the system, I will have an easy fundable contract.”

— Jennifer Hurley,
Finance Director, Royal KIA

LIBRA basically gives you a great “Finance Director” at the tower no matter what, sitting with your Desk Managers to maximize profit as well as ensure you make every opportunity by giving an accurate and quick line-out on each and every deal!”

— Robby Motz,
General Manager, Bell Honda

“When the NADA and AIADA released their programs designed to strengthen a dealership’s efforts to comply with fair credit laws, I was an early advocate and recommended it to all my dealer clients. But after seeing LIBRA, I am now convinced that this type of system is an absolute critical component for any dealer looking to protect themselves from accusations of discriminatory lending practices.”

— Michael Maledon,
Industry legal expert, former general counsel of Van Tuyl Group

“My experience with LIBRA has been ultimately amazing. I not only have complete confidence in the finance calculator, but also the compliance aspect of LIBRA. We have encompassed the online credit applications in every department within our dealership, therefore protecting all of our customers’ personal and private information. I have truly enjoyed working with the staff from LIBRA, and also have the confidence our dealership is now more protected from any compliance/safeguard issues.

— Joshua M. Betancourt
New Car Sales Manager, John Elway Chevrolet
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